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“How can a client best maintain his relationship with his agent?”

The relationship between client and agent is delicate. On the one hand, there is the agent, most days too busy with the demands of the industry to take time to call or email each client to “catch up.” On the other hand, there is the client, out there in the world, with many of life’s distractions. Days turn into weeks and the relationship between client and agent can go through periods where there simply is no “relationship.” There is hope. Email.

While we are all busy, most agents are in the office and on email at least 10 hours a day (if not 24 hours a day!)


This makes it really easy to know where to find them, if they let you. We do. Maintaining a relationship with your agent in a way that is unobtrusive is key for us. We simply want our clients to keep in contact, and conduct themselves with the same level of professionalism in which the agency approaches the industry.

Our agency appears to be different from most. We enjoy our clients and our “family vibe. However, it is important for clients to maintain this relationship in a professional manner. We are all here to make money – which reinforces the fact that this is a business.

Get to know Baron Entertainment.

We feel that most actors have been trained to leave the agent alone. To not “bother” them. To drop off pictures and kinda hope for the best. This creates a problem for us. Since we started the agency almost 20 years ago, we have kept every line of communication open to our clients, and we have expected these lines to be used. Phone, email, special events, travel.

We have tried everything possible to get to know and learn about our clients. We empower our clients. We want them to feel like part of a family, like they can email us anytime with any question, and we will be there for them. 

When an actor and Baron Entertainment decide to work together, we tell them flat out what we expect: “If I haven’t seen or heard from you in a month, something is wrong.” If you plan on dropping your welcome packet off to us, and then disappearing, this is not the agency for you. But time and time again, this is what happens. Actors come to us, bring us the requested materials, and after one 20 minute meeting, expect us to know who they are and what they are about. Months go by, we hear nothing from them. They never drop by. They never email us. They are a ghost. Ghosts do not get auditions these days! They will finally call 12 months later asking why they haven’t had any auditions, and we will look on LA Casting and we will look on Breakdown Services, and lots of times, these people won’t even have a photo up for us to submit. 

As an actor, it is up to you as to how your business runs. Do you reconcile your bank statement every month, or do you let it slide for a year or so? Every agent is different. Find one that lets you speak. 

Communication is the key to any relationship. Talk to us.

Want more? 

The success of Baron Entertainment can be attributed to looking beyond the talent pool to the ideal upon which it is based: Baron was founded on the synergistic relationship between passion, empathy, and sound economics. This innovative approach defines a niche in the industry and exemplifies the fruition of an ideal formed through years of experience. By making a conscientious effort to maintain a modest pool of select clientele from high-profile celebrities to up-and-comers, Baron Entertainment has become a powerhouse in the industry.

Baron Entertainment places a high value on the relationship between client and agent, encouraging clients to stay in close contact. This allows submissions to be based on the personality behind the headshot and results in a high booking percentage as well as a trusting relationship between casting agents and Agency. Therefore, when the industry hits its inevitable low cycles, Baron Entertainment can adapt and take a more aggressive approach for its clientele.